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Technical Services

This Company caters to the Customization needs of the Group. Here the Designs are Built and manufactured as Models and prototypes. The Work shop consists of various equipments and tools. Welding, Moulding in fibre Glass, Mechanical and electrical redesigns. Painting and finishing works.

  • Vision: To be the Best option for our Customer who require Innovative Technical Services.
  • Mission: We will Invent, Manufacture and Produce : Creative & Technical – Utility Products.


Technical Products & Services


Technology Solutions

KTS Group wants to recognize as a Leading Service oriented company in UAE that is eager to maintain long term relationship with its Clients & Business Partners. The company has a strong desire to be seen as an entity that will provide all the services under one roof and satisfy the customers at its best. In Future the company must be known as a best example of Prompt Response, Quality, Prime Delivery of services, Competitive Prices and Customer Satisfaction.

KTS Group is a multi services provider; we focus on various services related to Home Maintenance, Renovation and Safety Concerns. Most important to us is our success in satisfying our stakeholders and Clients regardless of their business scale and acquired services respectively; we believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality service and extremely co-operative staff.

This is the IT wing of the Group, not only taking care of the all the Internal IT requirements. This Company has the competency to Design, Develop, Implement and Maintain Complex IT Networks and IT Systems. Having expertise to rollout Turn Key solutions for the following areas: Network Deployment for LAN, WAN and VPN, Data Centres, Building Managements Systems, CCTV and Surveillance Systems, Access Control and RFID Systems, Fleet Management Systems.

KTS has direct partnerships with all leading Manufactures in the above mentioned fields.


Technology Products & Services



Solar Technology Solutions

We offer practical renewable energy solutions that are available today, technologies and strategies to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable-living choices.

We are currently focused on serving customers engaged in the use of Commercial and Residence solar power because we recognize that the choices we make as individuals or communities have an enormous influence on energy issues, sustainable business growth and development

Solar Products & Services